Why Franchise With Pacific Poke?

One of the fastest growing Poke franchises in Canada, Pacific Poke is taking it to the next level by opening locations across Canada in the Northwestern US. With careful but decisive planning, we have managed to take Pacific Poke from a beloved foodie destination to a successful brand facing groundbreaking expansion! 

The Pacific Poke business model hinges on several factors that are supported by our experienced franchise team that has established 3 national brands with over 120 locations. We not only assist our franchise partners with opening their location but also provide ongoing marketing, operations, culinary, finance, and business development support. In addition, quality ingredients, affordability, professional recipe creation, and effective marketing are key to our and your success.  We distinguish ourselves from the competition with a modern and unique atmosphere that prioritizes efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment! 

Our mission is to build a brand using revolutionary twists on time-tested ideas.  This scientific approach has operators hotly pursuing multi-unit commitments in major markets across both the US and Canada. 

The Pacific Poke name has become known for its fresh take on ancient Hawaiian recipes.  Never settling for anything but the best, we are constantly monitoring the feedback of our customers and partner locations to adapt to their dynamic preferences. Perhaps it is our unforgettable and entirely unique eating experience that has transformed Pacific Poke into the premier poke fast-casual concept. 

With the spread of healthy eating and fast-casual restaurants, the creators of Pacific Poke saw the opportunity for success.  Our menu is tailored to those who wish to eat great food and live healthy at an affordable price.  We have taken steps to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable product as we believe it is what our planet deserves.

 An investment in Pacific Poke is one in your future.  We have built a model of resiliency using all the tools at our disposal.  Strong and gaining momentum, we are carefully planning our expansion for controlled growth.

Pacific Poke is seeking partners who have high standards for commitment, hard work and excellence .  Our brand is known for its consistent quality, creative recipes and attentive design of our spaces. In order to replicate the success we have seen thus far, we will stay true to our values as we grow.  We approach every franchise partnership in a manner that allows us to provide investors with all of the care and support we have given Pacific Poke from the very first restaurant.  Our business systems and models are proven, and we will continue to improve and share them with all members of the Pacific Poke family. 


To begin the Pacific Poke experience, franchise operators will be provided with:

  • Site selection and lease negotiation

  • Comprehensive and interactive initial training

  • Immediate post-opening on-site support

  • Assistance in replicating our distinguished design

  • High Profile and Powerful Grand Opening Plan

  • Restaurant Management Software Including POS, Inventory and Scheduling

  • Suppliers of fresh and sustainable fish

  • All other necessary suppliers

  • Assistance with obtaining financing

  • Business plan templates

  • Referrals for professional services including bookkeeping, payroll & accounting.


Ongoing support and business development continues with:

  • Traditional marketing campaigns as well as social media

  • Community building programs and initiatives

  • Creative local marketing strategies (with input from you)

  • PR campaigns and service for unexpected developments

  • Key performance indicator monitoring

  • Correcting operational and financial problems

So you have what we’re looking for?

  1. You have a passion for the brand. Pacific Poke is our dream andwe want to share it with you.

  2. You are hard working, honest and respectful to us, employees and customers!

  3. You are disciplined and organized.

  4. You like the food. C’mon, how can you not?

About Your Investment

Pacific Poke is thrilled with the feedback we have received from investors and members of the financial community.  We would like to thank those members from the bottom of our hearts for validating what began as a vision.  We are dedicated to working with those who share our passion and desire to build a better world.

Potential franchisees are established within their communities and know their potential customers.  We are looking for multi-unit partners but will consider those who wish to open one location. For those looking to take on a passive role and simply provide capital, we can work with you to find a local operating partner. Preferred, but not necessary is experience in fast-casual or restaurant management.

Total investment in Pacific Poke is typically between $250,000 and $300,000 and can range depending on the site selected and geographical location. Many franchise partners are successful in obtaining financing through the federal government’s “Canada Small Business Financing Program.” More information on this program can be found here. The team at Pacific Poke also has strong working relationships with major Canadian financial institutions.

If you feel like this fits your description, reach out to us and prepare for the ride of your life.  We are so excited about the potential of our amazing brand, and we hope you share in that excitement.  We look forward to working with you to continue the incredible progress that Pacific Poke has seen thus far. 


As the Hawaiians say “Aloha i ka ‘ohana (Welcome to our family)!!”

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